Allen Edmonds MacNeil 9107 leather shoes

When an Allen Edmonds MacNeil Shell Cordovan Style Number is Not Shell Cordovan

Allen Edmonds MacNeil 9107 leather shoes

Another day, another cautionary tale of “trust, but veryify.” Allen Edmonds style number 9107 for MacNeil black leather shoes same style number as used for black shell cordovan MacNeils in 1967-68.

For the eBay listing that started this post: Auction ends today, Monday June 9, 2014 at 9:38:23 p.m. PDT (yes, that’s 12:38:23 a.m. Tuesday morning on the east coast). eBay listing 251547984060.

Found a pair of Allen Edmonds MacNeil black leather longwings while doing a search of AE style name common misspellings. New shoes (Nordstrom Rack sticker on bottom of one shoe, some creasing on the tops from people trying them on) with opening bid of $145 and Buy It Now price of $190. Good starting and BIN numbers, as median price for recently sold leather new MacNeils is $199.99, and anything $200 or less has sold. Extra goodness on this pair is the free shipping.

The style number for these leather shoes is 9107, which brings up the case of Allen Edmonds reusing old shell cordovan style numbers for leather shoes. With these 21st century MacNeils, AE uses the same style number of 9107 in leather for the same style MacNeils it used for its 1967 and 1968 MacNeil shell cordovans. Picture of those swingin’ 60s MacNeils on page 33 of the Aleen Edmonds 1968 catalog. This information is not going to change the world as we know it, but it’s great to know that the style number is not the beginning and ending of your search. One way to tell the difference between AE leather and shell cordovan offers is the heel. For years, Allen Edmonds shell cordovan shoes had a dovetail / McAfee heel while other AEs sported the solid rubber heel toplift with V insignia and AE logo stamp.

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