Alden Shell Cordovan shoes on eBay listed as leather.

Tuesday Twofer – Same eBay Seller, Two Pair Alden Shell Cordovan Shoes Mislabeled as Leather

Alden Shell Cordovan shoes on eBay listed as leather.

Are eBay sellers purposely listing shell cordovan shoes as leather? Is this a marketing ploy by sellers for buyers to think they’re getting a deal based on a seller’s lack of knowledge? If it is, the buyers are winning. Past sales show shell cordovan shoes listed as leather sell for less money than if you list them as shell cordovan. If your business model is to make fewer dollars, mislabeling shell cordovan as leather makes sense. Otherwise, not so much.

Pictured here are two pairs of Alden shell cordovan loafers labeled as leather. One is the Alden 563, the classic tassel, eBay item 221459861731. Second pair is Alden 763 for Brooks Brothers penny loafers, eBay item 321426856702. Both sales are pure auctions and end June 15 after 5 p.m. PDT. Per the eValuator app, recent eBay median sale price for used Alden tassel shell cordovans $186.25 at auction, $179 Buy It Now. For the Brooks Brothers penny loafers, $152.50 at auction, $299 Buy It Now.

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