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Alden Shell Cordovan Listed as Calfskin


Here is a pair of on eBay. Leisure handsewn (LHS) black shell, classic Alden 987s, look like they went through an Alden Restoration shortly before being put on eBay. Title states “calfskin,” details section lists as “shell Cordovan,” then in the body of the listing as “calskin leater.” Whatever way it is called or not called, it is shell cordovan.

Alden Brooks Brothers Shell Cordovan Listed as eBay Leather

Alden shell cordovan listed as leather.  Alden for Brooks Brothers 772 shell cordovan tassel loafers, listed on eBay as leather.  Classic loafers that Alden has been making for Brooks Brothers since 1957.  Current Wednesday morning bid price $10.50.  Sale ends Friday evening, December 19.

Real Alligator Labeled Alligator Print

AE Malibu shoes

Here is a pair of Allen Edmonds Malibu genuine alligator mislabeled as print shoes.  Allen Edmonds style number 4632, listed in the 1975 catalog as bone alligator and patent combination.  From almost 40 years ago, Allen Edmonds describes the Malibu as an “underlay moccasin toe slip-on with elastic quarter piping . . . single chrome flex sole, custom rubber heel.” This style number did not make it to the 1976 catalog, so it could have been a one year wonder.

Downsides to the shoes are the wear and tear.  Seller does a good job of showing all angles.  Other downside — size 14 AA.  Very long, very narrow.

Unidentified Hanover Shell Cordovan Longwing Gunboats Etsy $45

Etsy listing these Hanover shell cordovan size 11D longwing wingtip Oxford bluchers as “Vintage Mens Burgundy Wingtip Brogue Oxford Shoes Size 12. 5 13.”  Price $45, Etsy listing number 206405335 from MonikaJayVintage.

Hanover tell is the diagonal line above the side heel.  Also, the circle with outside diamond on the front of the toe medallion is a Hanover (probably L B Sheppard) design.  Correct size is 11D based on listing stated interior size 11 5/8 inches.



Hanover Shell Cordovan Longwings identified as leather

Hanover Shell Cordovan Longwings identified as leather

Mislabeled Alden Brooks Brothers shell cordovan penny loafers for sale on eBay.

Alden for Brooks Brothers Shell Cordovan Mislabeled Leather

Mislabeled Alden Brooks Brothers shell cordovan penny loafers for sale on eBay.

Mislabeled Alden Brooks Brothers shell cordovan penny loafers for sale on eBay.

Here’s a repeat eBay pair of shell cordovan penny loafers from Alden for Brooks Brothers. It’s a repeat mislabeling because seller listed this as leather last week and it did not sell. Doing the same thing this week, with same $89 opening price. No bids yet with 3 days and some hours to go. If seller listed this as shell cordovan, almost guaranteed to get better results. Recent eBay median price for used Alden Brooks Brothers shell cordovan penny loafers — approximately $152.50 and a 93% sell rate.

Alden Shell Cordovan 964 Mislabeled as Allen Edmonds Leather

Alden Shell Cordovan Mislabeled as Allen Edmonds Leather

Alden Shell Cordovan 964 Mislabeled as Allen Edmonds Leather

If the headline seems confusing, it is. This eBay listing, 380920680069, states the shoes are Allen Edmonds made for Alden.

Allen Edmonds makes shoes for Allen Edmonds. Alden makes shoes for Alden. Simple enough. What is also simple to see is if the gold colored insole bottom stamp says “Alden,” it’s a safe bet it’s an Alden shoe. Next, look at the back of the heel. There is a distinctive rectangle stitch at the bottom of the heel back where it meets the sole. This is a particular stitch to Alden found on the Alden 964. It’s also found on the Brooks Brothers same split toe blucher, which is also made by Alden with style number 1352. Next, look at the folds of the shoe tops. These are classic shell cordovan folds compared to leather wrinkles. What might throw off some lookers are the soles and heels. They have been replace, so no dovetail heels and no Alden stamp on the instep area.

Now for the difference in price. The Alden shell cordovans new retail clock in at $715. Recent sales of used ones on eBay come in at a low of $175 and a high of $692. Leather Aldens in the same style are $50 to $245. Current bid price on this pair of Alden shell cordovans $61 with a little more than three days to go. Auction ends Jun 11, 2014 at 16:58:04 PDT.

Alden Shell Cordovan captoe shoes mislabeled leather and wrong model number.

More Alden Shell Cordovan Labeled Leather

Alden Shell Cordovan Model 2161 Mislabeled leather, Wrong Model Number

Another day, another pair of Alden shell cordovan shoes on eBay mislabeled as leather. This pair has an added mislabeled value. Not only are these shoes black shell corodvan listed as leather, the model number on the listing is different than the shoes offered for sale. While the shoe insole writing shows these shell cords are Alden straight tip blucher oxfords model number 2161, the listing says these are model number 907.

eBay item number 111367533040. Opening bid $149. More than six days into this seven day sale, no bids with 18 hours to go. Two pair of 2161s have sold on eBay during the last few months. Low sale price $182.50, high of $282, median $232.25, sale through rate 100%. Retail new $663.

    Update: Sold for $149. Two bids from same bidder 2 minutes before close.

eBay Alden 990 Shell Cordovan spelled cordivan

eBay Find: Alden 990 plain toe blucher oxford shoes shell cordovan spelled “cordivan”

eBay Alden 990 Shell Cordovan spelled cordivan

Another day, another pair of shell cordovan shoes not labeled shell cordovan. Found on eBay this pair of Alden 990 plain toe blucher Oxfords. Retail new for $667 from The Alden Shop of San Francisco. Least expensive recent sale on eBay for used 990s was $180 on April 13. Median sale price $300.

This eBay seller lists the shoe material as “leather.” In the body of the description, the seller says there is some wording he can’t read. “It could say that they are cordivan (sic), but I don’t know that for sure.” I have to add “cordivan” as another search term for ways to misspell cordovan.

At the time of this posting, no bids on eBay item number 201099996376, with starting price of $99 and Buy It Now price of $199. Pair will probably sell — currently has eight watchers.

Vintage Florsheim shell cordovan longwings listed as leather.

Florsheim longwing shell cordovans on eBay — Material listed as leather

Florsheim longwings on eBay not listed as shell cordovan

Here’s a pair of Florsheim shell cordovan vintage longwing bluchers. Seller lists material as leather.
eBay item # 151298505211, style number 667815. Not cheap — $175 or best offer. This pair has about everything you want in a pair of vintage Florsheims: V cleat heels with double row nails, 5 nail double soles, 5 eyelet bluchers. Classic gunboats. Another tell about the quality of these shoes found in the slight overhead shot. Florsheims of this age tend to have breaks in the thin leather lining the edge of the shoe opening. Not saying there are not cracks in this edge, but I can’t see any.

The $175 is a little on the high side for recent eBay sales of used Florsheim shell cordovan wingtips. Maybe the best offer is more realistic. High sale price tracking at $255 out of 22 sold, $50 for the low, $142 median. Nice sale through rate of 22 sold on 29 listed.

Found this pair with a full description search using a string of Florsheim shell cordovan style numbers. Posting a “how to” so you can search and find vintage Florsheim shell cordovans using a directory of known style numbers, but right now posting these finds and a lot of other things.

Shell Cordovan Allen Edmonds Leeds listed as leather sell for $148 less than median price when labeled shell

Leeds derby shell cordovan shoes mislabeled as leather.  Another eBay find.

Leeds derby shell cordovan shoes mislabeled as leather. Another eBay find.

Shell cordovan Allen Edmonds Leeds shoes mislabeled as “leather” go for $51.00 on eBay auction, $148.00 less than the recent $199.49 median price for used AE Leeds when properly labeled shell cordovan. Price sat at $11 until five seconds to close, then shot to $51 in two seconds. Congratulations to the last seconds winner.

This is the same pair of Allen Edmonds Leeds shoes detailed yesterday. Always fun when you see these on eBay and win the bid. If/When the seller realizes they sold shell cordovan as leather, not so much fun.

Posting more mislabeled goods as we find them, including shoes listed as shell cordovan that aren’t the fabled shell. Hint: creases not wrinkles.