Mr Porter and The World’s Best Shoes — Buying Online

Photo courtesy Mr Porter.  Shoes courtesy John Lobb.

Photo courtesy Mr Porter. Shoes courtesy John Lobb.

“The World’s Best Shoes”
icon is a bold statement. Then comes Mr Porter with a footwear collection ranging from Nike and adidas Superstar to Cleverley, John Lobb, Berluti and Edward Green.

Shop The World’s Best Shoes at MR PORTER

In a Just In Time for Serious Christmas Shopping splash, Mr Porter’s “The Look” October 2015 style section brings out individual sections on sneakers, Oxfords, derbies and brogues. Then come the Chelsea boots and monkstraps, loafers and driving shoes, sports shoes and sandals. In true Mr Porter style, “wear them with” suggestions from Brioni and Drake’s, Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum, and many other world class brands.

Look around for a while and you run across archive pieces like “Eight Shoes Every Man Should Own,” which could also be titled “Eight Shoes Every Man Wishes He Could Own.” Then there’s “How to Keep Your Sneakers Clean” by Details magazine style director and admitted recovering sneaker collector Mr. Eugene Tong, and “How To Polish Shoes” with a few tips from Ms. Olga Berluti.

There is enough shoe envy here for a trip to London’s best sole men and a day pilgrimage to Northampton. Then you’d want to head to Paris for those souliers houses, and back to the United States for some classic American shoes and boots. Yes, Mr Porter offers free shipping with every shoe purchase. There could be some fine print exception somewhere on the site, but when shipping shows No Charge or .00 at checkout, then that’s the real test of “free.”

Mr Porter US - The World's Best Shoes

As Fityn tries to do with a lot of its stories, below are some eBay links to world quality products for readers who lack the retail wallet reality many of these brands demand while possessing the style sense to spot a deal.

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