How to Measure Your Head for Proper Hat Size

To get your correct hat size, start at the world’s oldest hat store. The company that is now James Lock & Co. Hatters traces its start to 1676. Beginning as a coffee shop, the head cover part of the business moved to its current location at 6 St. James’s Street in 1765, ten years before the start of the American Revolution. Some of its past clients include Lord Nelson, who settled up his account just before leaving to do battle at Trafalgar, Charlie Chaplin, who bought bowlers and straw hats from Lock, and Winston Churchill, who was fond of the Cambridge and Homburg styles. The company holds two royal warrants as hatters to the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Based on the Lock way to measure your head, getting a proper hat size is very simple, very straightforward, and very British matter-of-fact. One head, one tape measure, one measurement. The graphic below shows the steps of how to calculate your head size and a corresponding hat size chart. Note this way to size your head is not for hard hats, described by Lock as coke/bowlers, riding hats and top hats. For those head covers, Lock recommends coming to the store for a complimentary appointment and professional measurement. If you have trouble seeing the graphic, this is a link to the Lock sizing head measure and hat size chart web page.

1. Use a soft tape measure.
2. Place it around your head, positioned mid-forehead and above your ears.
3. Measure in centimeters or inches.
4. Find your size on the hat size chart.

Lock & Co. Hatters -- Calculating your head size.

Lock & Co. Hatters — Calculating your head size.

Now that you have the number, follow step 4 and find your size on the hat size chart.

Lock & Co. hat sizing chart with highlighted hat sizes and inches measurements.

Lock & Co. hat sizing chart with highlighted hat sizes and inches measurements.

Lock hats for men available for purchase through its online store (actually a Rimini cotton baseball cap) start at 75 British pounds and go north to a Superfino Montecristi panama hat at 975 pounds. For women, prices start at 115 pounds for a Rainbow cloche and go to 1,495 pounds for the Isla hat. Naturally, couture hats can run higher.

If the hat fits, eBay has a pretty good assortment of Lock hats. Recent prices started around $18 and ended with a $350 Buy It Now price for a top hat that includes the box. The Lock of London hats are easy to spot. Look past the obvious non-Lock hats that an eBay search brings up because there is a baseball cap with the wording “Locked and Loaded” on the front.

Lock & Co Offers on eBay

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