Friday Film — Turnbull & Asser “130 Years: the Shirt”

For the inaugural Friday Film, we start with the iconic Turnbull & Asser and its celebration of 130 years in business. “130 Years: the Shirt.”

The greatest opening sales line I’ve ever heard came from a department store menswear associate at the Houston Galleria Neiman-Marcus store. This was back when Neiman’s carried Turnbull & Asser shirts, so long ago they were stocked in the open and not behind glass. As I admire the feel of the cotton, the salesman moves away from the wallets and walks towards me. His look of seriousness turns to a mischievous grin when he gets closer, then he says, “I see you’re a T and A man.” In six words and two letters he gives you permission to laugh, puts you on both sides of a double ententre, and makes sure the conversation goes beyond a simple “yes’ or “no.”

I think those shirts were around $165 each. Today on the T&A site, Turnbull & Asser luxury shirts start at $425 and go to $495. Bloomingdale’s carries ready-to-wear Turnbull & Asser shirts starting at $325, as well as other T&A items.

Mr Porter also has Turnbull & Asser offerings at its site, including some exclusives. Mr Porter Turnbull & Asser
Then there are the bespoke shirts. If you are at the bespoke shirt level, time to book a flight and head for 71-72 Jermyn Street, St. Jame’s, London SW1Y 6PF.

Yes, lots of Turnbull & Asser deals on eBay. No plane fare or passport required. Turnbull & Asser Dress Shirts on eBay

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