Vintage Florsheim shell cordovan longwings listed as leather.

Florsheim longwing shell cordovans on eBay — Material listed as leather

Florsheim longwings on eBay not listed as shell cordovan

Here’s a pair of Florsheim shell cordovan vintage longwing bluchers. Seller lists material as leather.
eBay item # 151298505211, style number 667815. Not cheap — $175 or best offer. This pair has about everything you want in a pair of vintage Florsheims: V cleat heels with double row nails, 5 nail double soles, 5 eyelet bluchers. Classic gunboats. Another tell about the quality of these shoes found in the slight overhead shot. Florsheims of this age tend to have breaks in the thin leather lining the edge of the shoe opening. Not saying there are not cracks in this edge, but I can’t see any.

The $175 is a little on the high side for recent eBay sales of used Florsheim shell cordovan wingtips. Maybe the best offer is more realistic. High sale price tracking at $255 out of 22 sold, $50 for the low, $142 median. Nice sale through rate of 22 sold on 29 listed.

Found this pair with a full description search using a string of Florsheim shell cordovan style numbers. Posting a “how to” so you can search and find vintage Florsheim shell cordovans using a directory of known style numbers, but right now posting these finds and a lot of other things.

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