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Edward Green Visits an Alsatian Tannery

Utah grain on French calf for Edward Green's Galway boots.

Utah grain on French calf for Edward Green’s Galway boots.

Nice visit by Edward Green to Haas Tannery, a 6th generation family run French business. Edward Green uses a soft hatch-grain for its Galway boots, but most leathers are as natural as possible with the original grain of the calf.

Edward Green official site

Edward Green Shoes on eBay

Alden Shell Cordovan Listed as Calfskin


Here is a pair of on eBay. Leisure handsewn (LHS) black shell, classic Alden 987s, look like they went through an Alden Restoration shortly before being put on eBay. Title states “calfskin,” details section lists as “shell Cordovan,” then in the body of the listing as “calskin leater.” Whatever way it is called or not called, it is shell cordovan.


Weekly Finds: Current shell cordovan shoes on eBay NOT listed as shell cordovan. Let the good deals begin.

Nice mix of Florsheim longwings and a PTB, couple of Allen Edmonds, one unknown maker’s plain toe blucher in a narrow 9A. At time of posting, current prices range from a low $10.50 auction with a Friday evening close up to $139.50 plus shipping Buy It Now price for an excellent pair of Florsheim Kenmoor longwings All of these are subject to prior sale, Buy It Now purchases, early sale closings.

Florsheim Shell Cordovan on eBay listed as leather.

Florsheim Shell Cordovan on eBay listed as leather.

Florsheim Shell Cordovan Longwings

Florsheim Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Bluchers

Florsheim Shell Cordovan Kenmoor

Allen Edmonds MacNeil Longwings Shell Cordovan

Allen Edmonds MacNeil Longwing Wingtip Shell Cordovan

Plain Toe Blucher Unknown Maker 9.5A Narrow Shell Cordovan Don’t know the maker. Including for that small percent of the population that wears a 9.5A narrow.

Links if you need some Venetian Shoe Cream or Saphir Renovateur.

Secrets of the Patek Philippe Nautilus


Price Realized USD 193,500

Secrets of the Patek Philippe Nautilus Secrets of the Patek Phillippe Nautilus article, courtesy of Christie’s. Secrets summary: born in a restaurant as designer Gerald Genta observed people from Patek eating, original Nautilus $3,100 1976 price point a calculated risk, made from same steel alloy that protected World War II tanks.

Patek Philippe on Amazon

David Bowie’s Fashion Legacy — The Stars Look Very Different Today

Link to New York Times’ story by Vanessa Friedman on David Bowie’s fashion legacy.

NY Times slideshow permalink here:

David Bowie 1973 Ziggy Stardust era and 1983 "Serious Moonlight" tour.  Left Masayoshi Sukita, via Morrison Hotel Gallery, Corbis.  Permalink to New York Times fashion slide show:

David Bowie 1973 Ziggy Stardust era and 1983 “Serious Moonlight” tour. Left Masayoshi Sukita, via Morrison Hotel Gallery, Corbis. Permalink to New York Times fashion slide show:

Venetian Shoe Cream versus Saphir Renovateur

Venetian shoe cream compared to Saphir Renovateur in a side-by-side look.

When Venetian shoe cream goes up against Saphir Renovateur, the winner is the shoes, regardless of what you use.

Really nice side-by-side review of Venetian Shoe Cream versus Saphir Renovateur on leather that makes a difference. Comparison done on shoes that matter, like Alden Horween shell cordovan, John Lobb Phillip II in dark brown museum calf, Alden handsewn bit loafers in Soft Calf, Ralph Lauren / Crockett & Jones Marlow in Horween shell cordovan, vintage NOS Hanover shell, made to order boots from Horween FQHH (front quarter horse hide).

Nordstrom to Women — Design your own perfect shoes

Nordstrom is taking a trial run and expanding out to more brick and mortar stores, offering women the opportunity to design their own shoes.

After Nordstrom tried out one Shoes of Prey studio, it announced in early December 2015 it had invested in the company and expanded walk in sites to six stores nationwide. Nordstrom also features more than 60 Shoes of Prey designs on the Nordstrom site in sizes 2 to 15 and sizes NN to WW. Prices approximately $115 to $188.

Amazon Prime gains ground with younger, more affluent shoppers, estimated 50% of Americans will have Prime by 2020

For everyone not getting free shipping of one kind or another this holiday season, here’s an insightful story from Fortune about Amazon Prime pulling in younger, more affluent shoppers. Prime shoppers are also buying across more categories and purchasing more apparel. Per Slice Intelligence, Amazon captured 36.1% of the $3 billion spent online on Cyber Monday 2015. Basically, Amazon Prime is hitting marketing demographics heaven, young people with money and decades of buying years in front of them. The fact it is growing so fast shows Prime is primed to gain more and more online dollars

The allure of Prime is simple enough.
. Flat rate $99 annual subscription gets you free 2 day shipping for millions of items.
. Unlimited video streaming.
. Unlimited music streaming with millions of songs.
. 800,000 free ebooks.
. Unlimited cloud storage for photos.
. More things announced at what seems like every quarterly report.

Business Insider cites Macquarie Research analysts seeing 12% annual growth for Prime in the coming years, with 50% of Americans members of Amazon Prime service by 2020. At the end of 2014, Amazon believed 20-25% of Americans already had Prime. That’s a lot of boxes shipped at a flat rate, at least a flat rate for the end user. If Amazon gets clearance, that’s also millions of drone flights. The Amazon style of hub-and-spoke distribution will be one where the hub has spokes, the spokes can become hubs as needed and grow their own spokes, then shrink back based on customer demands.

At the bottom of our articles, we frequently put eBay, Amazon, and other links about products we mention in the stories. If shipping seems too high for small items, then Prime might make a difference. Yes, if you buy from those links, the purchase does not cost you any more money, and Fityn gets a small fee from the affiliate link. Going forward for the next few months, we will also include a link that lets you sign up for Amazon Prime if you aren’ already signed up. Here’s one link that gets you to Amazon Prime:

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