About Fityn

FITYN? For any piece of clothing or pair of shoes, there is always one question where the answer has to be “yes.” Will it FIT? Yes or No. Put those bold face capital letters together, and you get FITYN. Using your own clothes and shoes, Fityn shows you how to know what fits before you buy. Win wherever and whenever you buy clothes, whether online from Amazon to Zappos, or offline from brick and mortar stores to open air flea markets and garage sales.

Fityn gives you easy “how to” instructions that puts you in control, frees up your time, keeps more money in your pocket, and lets you buy with more confidence. Even better, you do this using your own wardrobe.

Buying for others? Share Fityn information and know you’re getting shirts that aren’t too small, pants that aren’t too short, and shoes that aren’t too tight.

Fityn is not written by clothes’ horses. Fityn contributors have measured and sold more than 2,000 pieces of clothing and 1,000 pairs of shoes on eBay in a little more than four years. For all these sales, the return rate on sizing issues is less than one percent. These are not new products where all the shirts or pants are the same size so you measure once and sell the same item one hundred times. More than 98 percent of these sales are single products requiring individual sizing on each item. Compare this return rate with online shoe giant Zappos at 35 percent and the average e-commerce return rate of 17 to 25 percent.

Shopping online, your credit limit and your time are the big losers when you get a product that does not fit. You message the seller, box it up, address the return package, and make sure it’s sent back according to merchant rules. Eventually, your card shows a credit back. In the meantime, you’re still looking for something that fits.

Shopping in the retail world, Fityn saves you more time, money, and hassles. Use Fityn information before you go to the changing room, or skip the changing room altogether. At garage sales and other places where you can’t try something on, rely on Fityn.

Drop return rates to single digits and buy with confidence knowing how to size clothes and shoes. Fityn gives you copy and paste questions to ask online sellers when you need more size information. Calling customer care? Use the questions as a conversation script. In brick and mortar land, use the same Fityn information and get the same satisfying results before you try on clothes. Since the Fityn site is optimized to work with mobile phones and wi-fi devices, refer to Fityn whenever you have a connection.

Fityn gives you the essential measurements for proper sizing. It also lets you know which numbers are nice to have but usually not necessary. Fityn shows you what to look for, how to measure, and gives you copy and paste scripts to get the information you need from any seller. It also lets you know when and where a close measurement is good enough and where the numbers are too big or too small to make buying worthwhile.

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